Thursday, July 12, 2007

Audio example of homeless in Florida

Periodically, we will post examples of sound files on our Web site: to illustrate how you can creatively use digital audio equipment to tell stories -- stories about yourself, family, friends, place of worship, school, civic group, community, business, profession, cause, etc.

In this example, two journalists share their first attempt at covering a news event with multimedia tools for the Web.

We ask that you listen to this 3-1/2 minute report where homeless people speak about issues important to them in their own words, then consider the following question:

In this case, which would you prefer -- an audio or written report? Why?

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Anonymous said...

As a reader who knows little about the issues framing this story, it would be ideal to hear the audio interviews embedded within the text of a story. Hearing the words and voices of the subjects (and seeing their images) is valuable, particularly when juxtaposed with background issue information and placed in a larger context by a reporter.

Reb Perry

John Green said...

I much prefer the Audio version!

By simply reading and/or viewing photos, one is able perceive an understanding of the “story”. However, when you add the component of human voice – the actual voices of those directly involved - this “story” is suddenly transformed to a more humanistic situation or event.

The human voice is one of the most powerful auditory communicators in the world, with the capability of relaying the full range of human emotions. By simply listening, you can tell if someone is mad, happy or sad. The listener is able to suddenly “feel” these emotions.

In my opinion, adding sound, especially human voice, takes it from a “story” the Brain to a “feeling” in the Heart.

Wenda said...

You write very well.